Is your child experiencing oral pain? A pulpotomy could treat and protect their teeth.

18525 E Smoky Hill Rd, Ste D
18525 E Smoky Hill Rd, Ste D

What is a Pulpotomy?

Underneath the exterior of a tooth is a pocket filled with nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. This is known as the "pulp" of the tooth. When a tooth has a bad cavity, the pulp of the tooth is exposed. In this case, a pulpotomy will be performed to remove damaged pulp. Pulpotomies are a common procedure for decayed baby molars.

How is a Pulpotomy Done?

During a pulpotomy, your dentist will first remove damaged tissue and sterilize the area. Then, they'll replace the pulp with a medicated filling. Sometimes, it is necessary to place a crown to restore the structure and appearance of the tooth.

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